Mission And Vision

Sai Shree Leelashahji Vidyamandir, Binka is uplifted with the holy inspiration of Pujya Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu. The gurukul is moving with the serene desire to construct a dulcet nation by extending the students with glorious adaptive psychological and physical techniques developed by sages along with regular modern science studies.

Motto Of The Gurukul

  1. To provide educated, civilized  and philanthropic citizens to the society and country by improving the quality of the education.
  2. To establish Vedic  education system instead of Maichel’s education system.
  3. To improve the subject knowledge, spiritual knowledge and also  to teach behaviors and manners to students.
  4. To teach about the Vedas and vedic cultures to students and also to aware them how the divine blessing of Sadguru helps to achieve the highest point in life.
  5. To develop the physical and mental health in student along with their character development. And also to develop novel characters like effort,  courage, patience, knowledge, energy etc in them.
  6. To teach students how spiritual practices help in the complete development and there by teach and practice them for the same.
  7. To motivate students towards social awareness and helping people in the society.
  8. To  rejuvenate and restore the divine characteristics like humanity, social awareness among students which has vanished in the society.

Our Location