Principal's Message
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Principal's Message

Pujya Bapuji says that the actual education is that which liberates man. The gurukul system is the only way to impart this education. The actual humanity can be obtained from our new generation by imparting gurukul education. It should be the blend of the ancient jewels of knowledge and the ultramodern materialistic knowledge.
Children are the pure and innocent. They are the hopes and aspiration of the contemporary generation. For proper development children need a healthy atmosphere. So that they would get a chance to be an ideal citizen of the world.
By the inspiration of Pujya Bapuji our Binka Gurukul provides an apt surrounding for all types of students. The calm, quiet and clean atmosphere of the gurukul attracts the seeker of proper education.
Importance Is given for Bal Sanskar in which children learn how to lead a happy life. They are taught about sandhya, yoga, ancient hymns, exercise, mudra, tratak etc and various activities encourages them for their happy and prosperous life.
Every care is  taken for all round  development of a child. One becomes fit physically as well as mentally. Co-relation with others provides him strength. There is no doubt that these children will spread the sweet fragrance of our culture in the world. By the blessing of Pujya Bapuji our gurukul family hopes to fruitful the aim of Bapuji
Hari Om…

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