Rules And Regulations

General Rules of Gurukul

  1. It is mandatory for every student to reach on time at school.
  2. Students should come to school with proper school uniform.
  3. Every student should present during morning , noon and time of shanti paath.
  4. It is advised t o all students to do home works/assignments regularly with good hand writing.  It is a request to the parents/guardian to guide their children for completing the homework/assignment regularly.
  5. No student should bring any loss to the belonging of the school otherwise penalty should be collected against the loss.
  6. Parents/guardians are requested to update their contact number and address in written format in case they are changing.
  7. No student is allowed to go outside of the classroom and school compound without the permission of the teacher and head master respectively.
  8. For any holiday leave student should deposit written leave application signed by their parent/guardian at  the Headmaster.
  9. In case of any emergency, half leaves should be provided to the students only in the presence of their parents/guardians .
  10. Students are advised to bring the books and copies according the time table provided.
  11. It is mandatory for every student to attain the examination.
  12. Students needs to be present on first day of school even after long holiday like summer vacations.
  13. Strong action will be taken if any student found indiscipline.
  14. The school bus will stop at  fixed stoppages or locations. So students are advised to reach at the bus stop before the scheduled time. Parents are requested to contact the headmaster regarding any change of location and  time.
  15. Parents/guardians are requested to  deposit the fee on proper time. In case they fail to deposit the fee on time are requested to meet the headmaster with a written letter mentioning the same.
  16. Parents/guardians are requested to consult and discuss with the headmaster if they found any  problem regarding school instead of any other staff.
  17. Students should take proper care of bottoms, zips and hooks present in their uniform and  they should not use any safety pins or any other pins.
  18. Students should cut their hair and nails on wednesday and friday
  19. Student should apply oil to his/her hair and it need to be combed properly when coming to the school.
  20. Day scholars are requested to bring healthy foods in steel tiffin carriers instead of plastic tiffin box. Readymade packaged foods available in market are not allowed.

Ethic Code Of The Students

  1. I will be punctual and reach on time at school.
  2. I will come to the Gurukul with the uniform.
  3. I will pray with love and will keep my body to be healthy, mind to be holy and clothes clean.
  4. I will bring my books and copies regularly  according to the timetable made by the school.
  5. I will regularly do my homework/assignments given by teachers.
  6. I will think and remind about the topics taught at my class  during leisure and free times.
  7. If I will get any things belonging to other then I will must deposit the same at the office.
  8. I will always use the dustbin/ I will always put the garbage at dustbin.
  9. I will keep my class room and Gurukul clean.
  10. I will keep my self  alert and will not do anything against the rules made   my Gurukul.
  11. I will use the library for the development of my knowledge and also participate in the competitions.
  12. I will always keep one thing in mind that "Gurukul is mine and I am a  part of the Gurukul.

Rules Of The Library

  1. Pin drop silence should be maintained in the library.
  2. It is advised not no put any mark or to draw anything in the books.  No wear and tear of books are also expected. If such happens then 50%  of fine  according to the price of the book will be charged.
  3. The books need to deposited or renewed within 7 days, else monetary penalty will be charged.

Rules For The Leaves

  1. Students can only leave the school with Principal’s permission.
  2. Leave application need to be given.
  3. Students can sent with their friends, relatives if written permission can be given by the parents / guardian.
  4. Student’s can be rewarded if they have full attendance.

Rules For Transfer (exit) From Gurukul

  1. Written application need to be given before one month in case of parents/guardians are interested to withdraw the admission of  their child from Gurukul.
  2. A special permission need to be given if someone wants to leave Gurukul in middle of the academic year and this can only allowed when they deposit the fees for the whole academic year.